Universal Spill Kit US-642-P


Safe and effective method for responding to acid, alkaline, or petroleum spills. Kit contains personal safety wear, clean-up equipment, and Neutralizing Adsorber. All material contained in 6 gallon DOT container with removable lid.


  • Personal safety wear:
    • Coverall with hood and booties, size XL (2 each);
    • Chemical goggles (2 pair); chemical resistant gloves (2 pair).
  • Clean-up equipment:
    • Floor scraper, chemical and solvent resistant;
    • “Hazardous Waste” label
    • “Solid Waste” label
    • Heavy-duty residue bags (2 each).
  • Spill Neutralizing Adsorber:
    • Pillows, 12″ x 12″ (4 each);
    • Booms, 3″ diam. x 3’ (2 each).
    • Neutralizing adsorber, 3# container.
Universal Spill Kit US-642-P

Universal Spill Kit US-642-P


  • Satisfies Regulatory Requirements OSHA 1926.441, 1910.178, 1910.120.
  • Labeled with full use directions and GHS-SDS hazard identification statement.
  • Effective on battery (acid and alkaline) and generator petroleum spills.

SDS Sheet

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