Acid Spill Kit BSS-10-B


Self-contained kit for treating incidental electrolyte spills and decontaminating equipment. Includes Neutralizing Adsorber for neutralizing and adsorbing hazardous acid spills,
>Neutra-Clean™ for decontaminating and neutralizing batteries and equipment, appropriate personal safety wear, and electro-chemically safe tools.


  • Neutralizing Adsorber:
    • 2.5 lb; effective on acid, alkaline, or petroleum spills
  • Neutra-Clean™
    • 1 quart with trigger sprayer
  • Personal Safety Wear:
    • Apron, goggles, gloves, sterile eye wash
  • Tools:
    • Non-conductive & acid-resistant brushes (2)
    • Acid-resistant wipes (10)


  • Compact and portable kit, ideal for service vehicles and space constrained sites.
  • Addresses incident spills and equipment contamination.
  • Labeled with full use directions and GHS-SDS hazard identification statement.
  • Satisfies spill neutralizer requirements in OSHA 126.441 & 1910.178

Neutra-Clean™ SDS Sheet
Neutralizing Adsorber SDS Sheet

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