Double Wall Station FEN-462


Emergency wall-mounted eyewash station. Two 1 quart bottles of sterile saline solution with wall mount rack. Recommended for Sealed Battery Installations (VRLA batteries) per OSHA 1910.268. Periodic 32oz fluid replacement required. Double Wall Station includes:

  • 2 – 32oz. squeeze bottles of Eyesaline® Solution


  • Provide close-to-work convenience and immediate accessibility.
  • Helps to eliminate any delay in obtaining complete 15 minute decontamination.
  • Use directions are permanently printed on each wall station.
  • Wall Station is highly visible fend-all Eyesaline® green.
  • Single use product.
  • Twist-off tabs – no seals to remove, no leaking caps. Absence of the twist-off tab top provides visible notification that product has been used or tampered with.
  • Expiration date printed on containers.
fend-all 32oz. Double Wall Station FEN-462

fend-all 32oz. Double Wall Station FEN-462

Fendall Eyesaline Solution SDS


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