Electrical Insulating Mat

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Insulating matting is formulated to provide electrical insulation for the technician. Insulating matting prevents the technician from being grounded thereby preventing electrical shock.


  • ASTM D178 Type II, Class 2, including:
    1. Ozone Resistance
    2. Flame Resistance
    3. Oil Resistance


  • ¼” Thick, 3’ Wide, Length up to 75’
  • Proof test: 20,000 volts; Recommended maximum usage: 17,000 volts
  • Product shipped in rolls up to 75’
Insulating Electrical Mat increases safety for electrical technicians.

Electrical Insulating Mat


  • Manufacturer recommends replacement every twelve months for optimum safety
  • It is common practice and the responsibility of the user to prepare complete instructions and regulations to govern the correct and safe use of such equipment.


IAM-B-1/4-3xx Insulating Mat, Electrical (XX=Length in Feet up to 75’)
IAM-B-1/4-375 Insulating Mat, Electrical (75’ Roll)

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