Battery Insulating Blanket


Insulated Battery Blankets provide shielding and arc suppression for work around battery and charging equipment.


  • Meet relevant ASTM standards (F1742 or F2320).
  • Available in rubber, insulating to 1000 volt-amps, or
  • Available in PVC, insulating to 7500 volt-amps.
  • Flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.
  • Available in 30 foot rolls or 3 foot sections.
Battery Insulating Blanket

Battery Insulating Blanket


BIB-1KV-3×30 Insulating Blanket Roll, Rubber 1000VA, 3ft x 30ft
BIB-1KV-3×3 Insulating Blanket, Rubber 1000VA, 3ft x 3ft
BIB-7.5KV-3×30 Insulating Blanket Roll, PVC 7500VA, 3ft x 30ft
BIB-7.5KV-3×3 Insulating Blanket, PVC 7500VA, 3ft x 3ft
BIB-CLAMP Shielding Clamp

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