Acid Adsorbing Mats



Contain acidic liquid spills and retain in matting to prevent migration of corrosive liquids to floor or drip pan. Light duty matting for use as drip tray liner or aisle mats. Heavy duty matting for high traffic locations such as opportunity charging locations or under VRLA battery installations.


Light Duty

  • 36” wide x 50’ or 100’ rolls gray color
  • 8 oz/sq yd polypropylene mat with film backing

Heavy Duty

  • 45” wide by 50’ rolls gray color
  • 16 oz/yd polyprolyene mat with heavy duty backing


  • Light duty matting can be cut to size for drip trays. Reduces risk of tray corrosion leading to eventual replacement. Easily cut-to-size and installed.
  • Reduces labor content for periodic tray maintenance.
  • Heavy duty mat is an excellent, durable floor covering to avoid floor damage from acidic spills.
  • Heavy duty matting is effective at containing small electrolyte releases under VRLA battery installations.
  • Either matting can be periodically removed, neutralized, and cleaned for reuse.
  • Available optional Mat-Mate Neutralizer to neutralize incidental spills.
Acid Adsorbing Mats

Acid Adsorbing Mats


RG-PBMGrey Heavy Duty Adsorbent Mat 16 oz 50’ Roll
RG-PBR8G Light Duty Adsorbent Mat 8 oz 100’ roll
RG-RMM Optional Mat Mate Neutralizer 32oz Shaker bottle

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