Battery Cleaning Kit CK-10-B


Kit contains appropriate personal safety wear and tools to safely and effectively neutralize and clean batteries. Includes two quarts of Neutra-Clean™ Battery Neutralizer and Cleaner with acid detecting color change indicator. Self contained kit packaged in non-corrosive tool box.


  • Personal Safety Wear:
    • Apron; Goggles; Gloves; Sterile Eye Wash
  • Tools:
    • Non-Conductive & Acid Resistant Brushes (2)
    • Acid Resistant Wipes (10)
  • Neutralizing Cleaner:
    • Neutra-Clean™ (2 quarts)
    • Trigger Sprayer
Battery Cleaning Kit CK-10-B

Battery Cleaning Kit CK-10-B


  • Minimizes the risk of shocks and acid burns from acid covered batters.
  • Eliminates shorts and discharge.
  • Eliminates corrosion damage to batteries and related equipment.
  • Excellent diagnostic tool for pinpointing leaks.

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