Private Label

For those customers who wish to promote their own brand or avoid disclosure of the manufacturing source, private label programs offer a solution. In such cases, our normal requirements are:

  • Costs associated with the program are absorbed by the customer.
  • Quantities are sufficient to justify the program.
  • Labels, MSDS, and Literature are approved by Ramsey Group for compliance with applicable regulations and manufacturing procedures.
  • Delivery lead times allow “built to order” production schedules.
  • Where applicable, product liability is the responsibly of the customer.
  • Products with hazardous ingredients will not be manufactured by Ramsey Group.

In some instances, we apply an approved label, provided by the customer, to an existing product. In other cases, we develop and manufacture a special product and use a label supplied by the customer. In some instances we have made limited production runs of customer specified products with a Ramsey Group label. In each of these instances, our objective was to respond to the unique needs and concerns of our customers.

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