A) What is Battery Electrolyte?
Battery Electrolyte is a liquid solution of water and sulfuric acid; typically about 35-40% sulfuric acid. It is a corrosive acid hazard that will burn skin and eyes as well as damage clothing. Refer to an SDS sheet before working around battery electrolyte. Always use appropriate personal safety wear.
B) What do you mean by the statement “Neutralizing Acid Adsorber will neutralize and adsorb electrolyte”?
Neutralizing Acid Adsorber is a dry powder blend specifically formulated to neutralize and adsorb electrolyte spills. The product works in two steps:
1) Upon contact with electrolyte, the electrolyte is neutralized. “Neutralized” means the sulfuric acid is converted to water and sodium salt. This happens very quickly.
2) The water is then adsorbed. Only a powder is left to clean-up. This is much easier to clean-up than a paste liquid.
C) What is the shelf life of Neutralizing Acid Adsorber?
Products over five years old have been evaluated and found to be fully effective. We have been careful to package the product in quality plastic containers. This protects against contamination from the environment. Normal variations in moisture have not caused the product to “clump”. Shelf life characteristics are very good even with partially used containers – if the cap is put back on after use. Neutralizing Acid Adsorber will not “clump” like boxes of baking soda or bags of sodium bicarbonate.
D) My battery room floor is contaminated with electrolyte in various places. Can I neutralize it with Neutra-Clean?
Neutra-Clean will work but clean-up will likely be a problem. Concrete is porous and the dye in
Neutra-Clean might be difficult to clean-up.
A Better Approach:

  • Locally treat any puddles of electrolyte with Neutralizing Acid Adsorber.
  • Sweep floor to remove dirt and debris.
  • Make a 10% solution of Neutralizing Conditioner and hot water (about 1/3 quart of Neutralizing Conditioner to 4 quarts of hot water).
  • Wet mop floor a few times.
  • Rinse mop very well.
  • Wet mop floor two or three times with hot water.
E) How do I determine if I have applied enough Neutralizing Acid Adsorber to an electrolyte spill?
In treating a spill with Neutralizing Acid Adsorber, begin by forming a dike around the outer edge of the spill. This will limit the contaminated area. Continue applying the product working toward the center of the spill. When all the liquid is covered, sufficient product has been applied. If liquid puddles reappear, simply add more Neutralizing Acid Adsorber to those areas. Allow to sit for 3-5 minutes, then sweep up with clean-up equipment provided in your FIRST RESPONDER Acid Spill Kit.

F) Where do I go for more information on cleaning up battery acid spills?Check out our full guide on how to clean up battery acid spills.