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Featured Acid Spill Safety Product: Acid Absorbing Mats

This acid absorbant mat with liquid tight backing is effective at preventing acid damage to floors at opportunity charging stations and battery stations — anywhere incidental electrolyte spills are randomly experienced. The 45″ width of the mat makes it ideal for use around motive power, industrial batteries or under VRLA battery racks.

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Lead Acid & Ni Cd Batteries

Ramsey Group, Inc. manufactures and distributes acid spill kits (safety spill kits), neutralizing and adsorbing industrial battery cleaners, and containment systems for forklift batteries and industrial batteries used in motive power applications and stationary applications. Facilities installing motive power stationary industrial batteries must comply with regulations requiring acid spill containment systems and emergency spill response. Our stationary battery containment systems contain any drips or leaks of hazardous material. Industrial battery cleaners neutralize and adsorb acid spills / electrolyte spills from lead acid and nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) batteries used in forklifts and in industrial and telecommunications settings. Maximize incidental acid spill containment with an acid absorbing mat.

Ramsey Group, Inc. also manufactures and distributes safety wear kits to be worn by personnel treating an emergency spill of acid or electrolyte from lead acid or nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) batteries. Appropriate personal protection must be worn when applying industrial battery cleaners to an acid spill or electrolyte spill from a motive power stationary industrial battery installation.

Battery Safety

Please contact us with any questions you may have about industrial battery cleaners, stationary battery containment systems, responding to emergency electrolyte spills, or any other issues in maintaining your motive power stationary industrial batteries.